looking for Rosa GUTMAN #romania

Marilyn Gelber

I hope you can help me find my father's cousin, Rosa GUTMAN, in
Israel. Gutman may have been her married name. I think that Gutman
is a transliteration >from Hebrew, so the name may have alternative

Rosa GUTMAN lived in Kiryat Tivon, in the 1980's. Kiryat Tivon is in
the vicinity of Haifa.

Rosa Gutman arranged the funeral of my father's aunt, Berta (Betty)
GOLDENBERG, in 1989 in the Haifa area. She described herself as the
niece of Berta Goldenberg, which would mean that she was the daughter
of one of Berta's siblings, probably the daughter of Sali GOLDENBERG
SCHWARZ, or possibly the daughter of Israel(Isidor) GOLDENBERG.

The Goldenberg family was >from Czernowitz, and some of the family also
lived in Dorna Vatra (Vatra Dornei in Romanian).

Rosa may have had a son born in 1948, whose name sounds something like
Karoly - but that is not exactly his name.

Thank you for any leads you might be able to provide in my search for

Marilyn G (Goldenberg) Gelber

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