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Rosanne, all,

I'm glad to read about your project in Storojinets and would like to inform
you about the World Organization of Bukovina Jews project we run, with a
similar goal, but with a different focus.

Our project mission is to take care (Locate, Document, Restore and Preserve)
of the heritage sites of former Jewish residents of Bukovina and their
descendants: Jewish cemeteries, Holocaust mass-graves, synagogues, Holocaust
memorials, Holocaust related places such as concentration camps, ghettos and
mass execution sites - in the territories of Bukovina, Transnistria (between
the rivers Dniester and Bug, to where Bukovina Jews were deported by the
Romanian occupiers in 1941-1944 (now Ukraine) and Moldova - places on their
deportation route.
You can find information about it at:
http://www.eylonconsulting.com/bukovina/ .
In July 2016 we have started a pilot project and surveyed 12 heritage sites
in the Storojinets area. One of those was the Jewish Cemetery in
Our findings were similar to what Rosanne describes below.
Please see our survey report and an additional post at:
and at: http://www.eylonconsulting.com/bukovina/blog/?p=1422

We'll be more than glad to add the information you'll gather in our website,
under storojinets.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

All the best, Baruch Eylon
Subject: A new Project Fund on the Rom-SIG site - Storojinets!
From: Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2016 19:47:16 -0700
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Dear fellow Rom-SIGgers,

An important new project has been announced by Brooke Schreier Ganz, to
clean up and document the Jewish cemetery in Storojinets formerly in
Bukovina, now Stororzhynets in Ukraine. It is only 12 miles/20km southwest
of Czernowitz (Chernivtsi).

No 18th or 19th Jewish century records are known to have survived >from here,
just a few early 20th century ones. But the cemetery has 18th, 19th and
20th century burials, and it is in decent shape. Smaller Bukovinian towns
may have also used this cemetery.

Brooke's project is raising money to document it all, photograph and
transcribe everything. They are raising money. All photos and data will be
made available as public domain, and will also be sent to JOWBR, and anyone
else who wants it! Student interns >from the Chernivtsi Museum of History
and Culture of Bukovinian Jews are doing the work, riding 45 minutes to the
site. They will be taking at least 2 photos of every tombstone, and will
even mark the locations on a newly-created map of the whole cemetery

The newer half of the cemetery is in very good shape, but the older half is
full of weeds. The money needed to be raised (about $2000.) will be to pay
for the clean up of the weedy area, and also includes the cost of eventual
transcription/translation work. And all donations are tax deductible
through JewishGen! Here is the link to the Rom-SIG JewishGen-erosity site
so you can make those donations to the Storojinets Cemetery Documentation
Project :


Rosanne Leeson
Coordinator Rom-SIG

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