Looking for the Levinsons: NY/NJ #romania

Mike Karsen

I have traced my Blumenfeld family >from Botosani, Roumania through
Ellis Island, into the New York cemeteries and now I at a brick wall.

The last living family is the family of:

Bertha Blumenfeld LEVINSON died 24 August 1971 buried in Mt
Lebanon Cemetery.
(have grave photo) Born in Botosani Roumania 31 Aug 1879

Married Solomon LEVINSON died 25 Feb 1957 buried in Mt Lebanon Cemetery
Born 21 Feb 1878.

Their children:

Harold LEVINSON B: 22 June 1922 in NYC. Died Dec 1979. Last
Social Security benefit:
Newark, NJ 07107.

Samuel LEVINSON b: 25 Nov 1926 (exact date not confirmed) Death unknown

I have done many searches but have found nothing. I have tried looking
for death notices but have come up empty.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Mike Karsen
Deerfield , IL (near Chicago)


BLUMENFELD, MARKOWITZ (Botosani, Roumania)
FROST (Bucharest, Roumania)
PEKARSKY (Khodorkov, Kotelyna, Ukraine)
PELTZER (Zhitomir, Ukraine)

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