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Brane's maiden name was supposed to say KLEINBERG(ER), not LEINBERG(ER)

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My great grandmother Esther had three sisters and one brother and they grew
up in around Dorna Vatra! Their parents were Akiva DISTENFELD and Brane
LEINBERG(ER). Her youngest sister was Miryam and she was born on 6/25/1890.

I am looking for Miryam's first husband; during their marriage, they owned
an inn with one of the beautiful baths of that region. They later divorced
and somehow he was able to retain ownership of the inn. I am looking for his
name, his date of birth, date of their marriage and when he died. I am also
looking for where these events took place.

I do know she hid during WW2 but I don't know where and I am not sure where
to look for her because she may have been using her first husband's last name!
I do know she eventually went to Israel because she wanted to go to the US but
the quotas had been met. She arrived in April of 1951. She met and later
married Israel (Taubenfeld) Ben HANINA and lived in Hod-Hasharon, Israel.
While in Israel, she was informed that her number had been called and she could
go to the US if she wanted; she opted to stay in Israel and died on Mar 01,
1968 in Hod-Hasharon.

Can somewhere help me find her the records for her first marriage and where
she may have hidden during the war?

Sharon F. Yampell
Voorhees, NJ USA

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