question re ALBA IULIA #romania


Shalom to all of you,

A friend of mine >from Rosh Pina is looking to find information on her
father who apparently was born in Alba Iulia, in 1925.
His name was Egon (Ron - in Israel he went by the name Ron) Rosental
(I am not sure how they spelled Rosental then, either with a z or th
or both...).
As far as the daughter remembers, her father's parents names were
Moritz and Margareta.

I would like to help this friend. She is looking to find documentation
about her father, but is not sure where to look for. Neither is she a
hundred percent sure that he was born in Alba Iulia, apparently he
made aliyah to Israel >from Alba Iulia , Romania.

If anyone has an idea how to help, and who we can address on this
issue, I would greatly appreciate it,

best regards


Yehoshafat Pop

Ph. D. candidate, Land of Israel Studies,
Haifa University, Israel

Rosh Pina

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