Calling all transcribers and validators for Romanian records #romania

Barbara Hershey <barbara.hershey@...>

I am pleased to announce that we are ready for volunteers to get active
again after this transition period for the Rom-SIG. Welcome.

We are using a new system developed to index records. The system is
referred to as CSI (Crowd Sourced Indexing). I invite you to try it.
Once you register, you will be given one image to work on at a time. You
have 24 hours to complete that image before it is returned to give to
another volunteer. (I am working with the developers to extend that time
period since I believe people new to this may need longer to learn how to
do it.)

There is a project started for Iasi Death Records and this will be
expanded to include other marriage and birth records once we get some
feedback on how this is working for you. Records for Herta are already
part of CSI and you may work on those too.

FIRST STEP: Please be sure you have signed a volunteer agreement for the
Rom-Sig that is found on JewishGen.

<>If you have questions or are unsure if you have an agreement submitted,
please write to me.

STEP TWO: Please visit the website <http;//> and Sign
Up to use. In your registration you will be asked to Select your Group.
Please select the Rom-SIG.

Following are basic instructions for indexing a record. More complete
instructions are available on the CSI website under the About drop-down

* You will be shown one image to index. Please fill in all of the
appropriate fields as completely as possible.
* You may view one image before and one image after (if they exist) for
the purposes of better indexing, but do not index those images. If a
record exists across two pages, you should index records that begin on the
page you were given. You should only make an exception if you believe that
another indexer may not have noticed that the record began on their page
and continued on yours.
* When complete, use the Submit Transcriptions button at the top of the
page to save your work.
* Don't worry about leaving blank lines in the transcription, even if they
are in the middle of the list. A button to add additional lines, as
needed, is at the bottom.
* Partial indexing is not available. Please complete the entire image or
release the image to allow someone else to index it.
* Do not change languages on the indexing page. The image will not reload.
* If you can't read something, use a question mark (?). (You may also add
comments in that comments field and I will see those.)
* Have fun and know that you are helping others to do their genealogy
research by participating in any indexing project. Thank you for using CSI.

Many, MANY thanks to Banai Lynn Feldstein and Daniel Horowitz for
collaborating to develop this website and allowing our group to be one of
the pioneers using the system.

There are some tools available to help with transcriptions on
<> and we hope to set up a
volunteer section on the website once a website designer is found. Please
write me if you have any suggestions for a volunteer for that role.

If you were a Validator for Romanian records in past years, please write
to me.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I value
your feedback.

Shavua tov,

Barbara Hershey

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