Volunteers wanted to contact me! #romania

Barbara Hershey <barbara.hershey@...>

Hello Sig readers:

How many of you hope to be able to go to Jewishgen.org and find more
records pertinent to your family? I hope so.

If so, you need to get back in touch with me to say you are ready to offer
help - even if you may have previously volunteered with Bob Wascou and
even if this will be your first time. I hope talking with you I'll be
able to find something that you would like to work on.

Most immediately, I hope that some of you who want to try transcribing
records have looked at the website I wrote about previously:


There is no obligation associated with signing up on the website and no
harm is done even if you find it difficult to read the records. I really
hope that many of you will take a look there. I have chosen to use that
site for some trial projects because it is an easy way for me to gather
the info and to track the progress of all the records. PLEASE try this
out. I=B9m happy to talk you through it if you are not sure. If you have
not transcribed before, seasoned volunteers assure me that it gets easier
the more you do. Or, if you have transcribed before and want to continue
as you used to do it, we can work that out too.

Success for RomSig depends on your participation and we have no lack of
ways in which you can help. Please say yes and get in touch.

Best regards,

Barbara Hershey
Research Coordinator, Rom-Sig


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