2017 Conference! #romania

Rosanne Leeson

Dear fellow Rom-SIGgers

The time for this year's IAJGS Conference is drawing near. Barbara and
I would very much like to hear >from those of you who are planning to attend!

While neither of us are able to go to Orlando there is a Rom-SIG meeting
scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, >from 5- 6:15pm . It will be led by
Daniel Horowitz. We do hope that many of you will attend!
There are so many opportunities to get us "back on a roll" as Bob Wascou
used to say. And we do need your help!

There is an array of Romanian Civil records >from Iasi and Bucharest
waiting to entered into our database. And a new easier system for doing
this! A Volunteer Coordinator is very much needed to help with
guidance here.

We have need of a new Web Designer to update our Website. Our Webmaster
will continue with us, but feels that he does not have the necessary
designs skill. So if you do, consider bringing our site up-to-date.

We also would like to establish Town Coordinators to handle the sending
and return of record translations to the volunteers, to relieve Barbara
of the entire load.

And, after more than 20 years I would very much like to retire as
Coordinator of the Rom-SIG. With over 2500 (!) members I am hoping
that more than one of you will step up to learn the ropes, and what is
involved with being a Coordinator. I will be happy to stay on for some
time as an Emeritus to help guide and train you!

If you are interested in any of the above please do contact our Research
Coordinator, Barbara Hershey at: <Barbara.Hershey@comcast.net>

Rosanne Leeson

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