Looking for ENGELBERG, RUDMAN, and GOLDENBERG families #romania

Marilyn Gelber


I am looking for information about my relatives >from the ENGELBERG and
RUDMAN families, who lived in Czernowitz until the mid-twentieth

I am also looking for my GOLDENBERG relatives >from Czernowitz. Some
of them also lived in Dorna Vatra - now Vatra
Dornei - and possibly in Bacau.

Some of my Goldenberg relatives emigrated to the Haifa area around
1950. One of them had the married name of SCHWARZ (first husband), or
possibly POLLAK (possible second husband). A descendant, Rosa
GUTMAN, lived in Kiryat Tivon in the late 1980's.

Thank you very much to anyone who might be able to provide some
information or leads.

Marilyn G. Gelber, Ph.D.

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