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I am happy to announce that we (the Botosani research team) have
finished indexing the Births and Marriages of the three main cities in
today Neamtz county: Piatra Neamtz, Roman and Targu Neamtz, years
There are over 30 thousands birth records for those places, more than
12500 >from Piatra, 11000 >from Roman, and 6600 >from Targu Neamtz.
There are over 4300 marriage records: 1780 >from Piatra, 1620 from
Roman, 900 >from Targu Neamtz.
Our collection of Romanian civil state records has now over two
hundred thousands Jewish records - all the Jewish locations of the
historical Botosani and Dorohoi county, also Husi, Vaslui, Falticeni
and the above Neamtz county cities. We have also tens of thousands of
other records - metrical registers, censuses, military records, etc...
with lots of stuff waiting for being indexed.
Death records are being indexed.
Also in indexing, the few surviving Metrical registers >from before 1865.
I would like to thank all the few volunteers who invested time and
made it happen. It couldn't have happened without their efforts.
In the last year we have completed the acquisition of the Jewish
schools collection >from the city of Botosani (late 1890s - 1947). In
addition to the nostalgia, they supply vital information about people
born in the period that it is considered confidential, and it will
take many years for their birth records to be released.
We've made just a little progress in indexing them. Anyone who knows
Romanian and has the time to help, is invited to help us.
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Sorin Goldenberg

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please note that his is not a JewishGen or Rom-SIG project.

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