Assistance needed for various ancestors throughout Romania #romania

sharon yampell

My great grandmother Esther (nee DISTENFELD) LESSING had a sister Rose who married a
man named Nathan FIEDLER and they lived in Falcau, Romania. I can't find a marriage
record for them nor can I find a death record for either of them. Rose was born
approximately in 1890 in Vatra Dornei. Also >from my great grandmother's family,
she had another sister named Miryam who was married once in or near Vatra Dornei
but I don't know when or to whom. She and her first husband owned an inn with the
mineral spas that Vatra Dornei was known for and somehow he screwed her in the
divorce and she got nothing. Somehow Miryam hid during WW2 and since the quotas
to the US were full, she went to Israel and later married and died there.
Eventually when she was notified that she could come to the US, she opted to stay
in Israel. If anyone is lucky enough to find birthdates, wedding date, death
dates or more siblings of my 3x great grandparents, Dov Berel DISTENFELD and DVORA
HOLZMAN, I would do a a huge happy dance!!

My great grandfather Rubin LESSING had a younger brother Hersch/Herman who was
born on Jul 02, 1887 in Vatra Dornei but I can't find any death or marriage
records for him. He visited the United States but went back to Romania. I would
love to know if he had any descendents.One other thing about the LESSING family,
my great great grandfather's name was Chaim and I would love any information
about his life, did he have siblings? Who were his parents, When was born? When
did he marry Lena? When did he die? His wife was Lena ABRAHAMAWITZ; she was a
non--Jewish foundling that was raised in a Jewish household and I would love if
someone can find the same informaton on her too.

Finally, (at least for now ;) ), my Great Great Aunt Zlate (nee DISTENFELD)
married a Mechel SOMER and had two sons; Sruel who was born on Jan 24, 1884 in
Gura Humora, Romania and Leib who was born on May 24, 1885 in Gura Humora and
died on Sep 19, 1885 in Gura Humora. I am looking for a birthday, wedding date
and date of death for Mechel as well as the same for Sruel.

Sharon F. Yampell
Voorhees, NJ

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