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Daniel Horowitz

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Hi Reuven, thanks for this information.
I was also in Cluj this summer, but could not visit the cemetery.

I check and find out that the Jewish Cemetery in Cluj-Napoca is also
tagged in BillionGraves Here you
can see a few images of the cemetery and it looks like is in good
shape like others I visited in the area, like the Gherla Jewish
This one I manage to photograph complete -261 photos- and now is being
transcribe by people able to read and write Hebrew you are all more
than welcome to help.

Back to Cluj, if you have photos of this cemetery, feel free to upload
them to BillionGraves so other people could transcribe them If you
need help with this I will be more than happy to assist. Maybe we can
have someone local to visit and take more -or all- graves there.

I also noticed that someone posted in BillionGraves records >from the
cemetery -probable >from the care taker. I have upload them to
transcribe at
Although not great images, and clearly only 2 >from many others, I will
try to contact the people I meet in Cluj to get more images but if
anyone out there know or have this images would love to make them
available for transcription and then upload the result records to

Best regards
Daniel Horowitz

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Subject: New Cemetery in Cluj-Napca
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Dear RomSiggers.
I visited the new cemetery in Cluj-Napoca last week.
By the data I found in JOWBR I looked for this cemetery at 116 Clea Turzi=
At this address I found an old and inactive Jewish cemetery, but not the
new Jewish
cemetery. The new Jewish cemetery is at 154/156 Calea Turzii as can also
be seen
in the picture posted in JOWBR

Reuven Stern

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