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David Osachy <osachy@...>

Hi Hilary,

My best guess off the top of my head is that this may be a village
that is today known as Caracusenii Vechi, which is located just on the
Moldova side of the current border with Romania. There were a few
Jewish families living there according to the 1897 Russian census, but
it was too small to have its own synagogue or official community. It
would make some sense that "Keshmer" was its Yiddish name, though the
Romanian name clearly has Turkish origins (which is not unusual for
that area), "kara" for example meaning black.

There are other possibilities as well, such as another very small
village with a similar name (though one that would be a bit less
likely to be known as "Keshmer" in Yiddish) that is in Moldova close
to the current Ukrainian border. There is also the much larger town
of Calarasi in Moldova, about 30 miles east of Iasi, where there
surely was a fair-sized Jewish community and synagogue, etc. I don't
know what that town was called in colloquial Yiddish. Could someone
from there have been known as a "Keshmer"? Maybe...
As the borders changed, it would help to know the year that your
ancestor said his birthplace was Romania (not his birth year) to see
if I am on track with these possibilities.

Good luck,

Rabbi David Osachy

On 12/24/18, Hilary Henkin
<> wrote:
Hi all!

I haven't been doing much research lately (Life has a way of intruding
on our hobbies, darn it), but I was checking for a cousin (the other
side of her family), and found 2 ancestors who were born in Keshmer,
Roumania.=C2=A0 Does anyone know of this town, and where it is/what it's
called now?

I've checked the JGen Town Finder, and the only results are in Poland,
west of Lublin, not near Roumania at all.

The two individuals were born in Keshmer in 1883 and 1884. The
information is on his Declaration of Intention (1920) and Petition for
Naturalization (1922), and the writing is very clear.
Their passenger list says their last residence was [what looks like]

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Happy Holidays!
Hilary Henkin

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