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Hilary Henkin

I had some great help >from fellow JGenners - thanks!

My cousin's great-grandparents (Aaron Schapiro and Rachel Lazman) were
from what is now Moldova. "Rospopeny" is agreed to be Raspopeni,
about 52 miles north-northwest of Chisinau.

"Keshmer" is either Cusmirca (/Kushmiria/Kushmirka), 63 miles north
of Chisinau, or Cuzmenii Vechi, 70 miles WNW of Chisinau.
Either way, it's the same general area, and it definitely exists.

Although I'd checked the JGFF Town Finder, I really didn't dig into
the Gazetteer, using the Sounds-Like and Phonetically-Like options,
and I should have (although I wouldn't have known to narrow it down
to Moldova).

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hilary Henkin

On 12/24/2018 6:07 AM, Hilary Henkin < hilary@... >

I haven't been doing much research lately (Life has a way of intruding
on our hobbies, darn it), but I was checking for a cousin (the other
side of her family), and found 2 ancestors who were born in Keshmer,
Roumania. Does anyone know of this town, and where it is/what it's
called now?

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