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Any one have info of family WOLFSON >from Iasi. My grandfather,
Eliser Isadore WOLFSON. His mother Henrietta and father Moses.
Ann Dery nee Jamnitz

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Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2018 09:40:53 -0800
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ROM-SIG Digest for Wednesday, December 26, 2018.
1. Jonasz/Schwartz Family
2. Re: Keshmer, Roumania? - Conclusions
Subject: Jonasz/Schwartz Family
From: Karen Geiger <akdawson98@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018 10:17:11 -0500
X-Message-Number: 1
My great grandfather was born in Er Semjen, Hungary which became part of=20=
Romania. I know that there were Jonas(z) family members living in=20
Romania after it was taken over >from Hungary. I am unaware of=20
his father's name. He remarried after my great great=20
grandmother pasted away. I know her name was Leni Emanueline Schwartz. =20=
I had someone research where my great grandparents lived to see if he=20
could obtain their parents names. Unfortunately for some reason they=20
never entered either name on their marriage certificate.
Karen Geiger
Subject: Re: Keshmer, Roumania? - Conclusions
From: hilary@...
I had some great help >from fellow JGenners - thanks!
My cousin's great-grandparents (Aaron Schapiro and Rachel Lazman) were=20
from what is now Moldova. "Rospopeny" is agreed to be Raspopeni,=20
about 52 miles north-northwest of Chisinau.
"Keshmer" is either Cusmirca (/Kushmiria/Kushmirka), 63 miles north=20
of Chisinau, or Cuzmenii Vechi, 70 miles WNW of Chisinau.=20
Either way, it's the same general area, and it definitely exists.
Although I'd checked the JGFF Town Finder, I really didn't dig into=20
the Gazetteer, using the Sounds-Like and Phonetically-Like options,=20
and I should have (although I wouldn't have known to narrow it down=20
to Moldova).
Happy New Year, everyone!
Hilary Henkin
On 12/24/2018 6:07 AM, Hilary Henkin < hilary@... >=20
I haven't been doing much research lately (Life has a way of intruding=20=
on our hobbies, darn it), but I was checking for a cousin (the other=20
side of her family), and found 2 ancestors who were born in Keshmer,=20
Roumania. Does anyone know of this town, and where it is/what it's=20
called now?
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