Re: Access to Romanian records #romania

Sorin Goldenberg <soring0412@...>


If you read my reply to the original email - everyone can go to the
archives and research civil state records (BMDs) older than 100 years.
There's nothing new.

The internal security organizations archives are also accessible - one
needs to apply for a permit.

Cemetery ledgers are not at the Romanian archives.

I don't know about police reports - but I am not sure they were preserved.

Falticeni is not in the Republic of Moldova but in historical region
of Moldova in Romania - it belongs to Suceava county.
Our Botosani research team has acquired and indexed the available
records - 1865 - 1895 only. You're invited to join our Facebook


Sorin Goldenberg


On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 6:14 PM Dexter Graham Moseley <> wrote:

Following the announcement by the Romania Prime Minister concerning the
enactment of Las Guaranteeing Access to State Archives for Federation of
Jewish Communities of Romania.

Would access to the records include cemeteries and police reports into
the deaths of ancestors?

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