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Michael P Froman <fromanmp@...>

Falticeni is in Romania, not Moldova. It is about 20 km s of Suceava,
reachable by a bus that runs roughly every hour, and takes about 40 min.

My wife and I visited there in 2014, and found an old synagogue, closed up,
and one cemetery, walkable slightly south of town. It was fenced in and
reasonably clean. We were able to see it, by going through the old woman
caretaker's house. She has some cemetery records.

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1. RE: Access to Romanian records


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Following the announcement by the Romania Prime Minister concerning the
enactment of Las Guaranteeing Access to State Archives for Federation of
Jewish Communities of Romania.

Would access to the records include cemeteries and police reports into the
deaths of ancestors?

How would this apply if the towns now are within Moldova?
For example Falticeni?

Dexter Moseley



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