Message for readers #romania

Barbara Hershey <barbara.hershey@...>

Discussion Group readers:

The moderators of this group have asked that I send some reminders
to our members regarding the JewishGen requirements for sending a
message for posting to the list.

1. When responding to a post, particularly one you have received
in the Digest, do not use your Reply key to respond. This drags
the entire Digest with it and creates a difficult situation for
the Moderator. Rather, please start an entirely new message.
Include a brief reference to the message to which you are responding
so the prior message is identifiable.

2. Do not use any diacritical marks or accents. The server can not
decipher them and renders the message unreadable. If this happens,
the moderators will delete your message and ask you to resend it
without the marks. This creates extra work and delays the delivery
of your message.

3. Always sign your messages with your full name and your complete
place of residence - i.e. city, state/province and country.

4. Remember also that the message must be sent in plain text.

Thank you.

Barbara Hershey
Portland, Oregon, USA

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