Roadblock searching Barasch family from Iasi #romania

Jeffrey Barasch <jpbarasch@...>

I've been stuck at a roadblock for 25+ years.

My grandfather, Philip Barasch, born about 1885, came >from Iasi to NYC
in 1907 (followed by several siblings and his mother, Rifca).
His father, Rachmeil Barasch (my G-GF) died in Iasi in 1901. He was a baker.
I went to Iasi myself and found the death certificate and burial
record for Rachmeil, but there was no further info on his family and I
could not find his grave in the Iasi cemetery (may have been one of
the graves in which the writing wore off).
I was also unable to find the marriage record or birth records for my
great-grandparents, Rachmeil and Rifca, in the Iasi civil archives
(nor for my own GF, Philip). I did find a few of his younger
siblings birth records, born to Rachmeil and Rifca Barasch around
So I'm stuck as I can't find Rachmeil's parents or any of his siblings.
I'm thinking that maybe they came >from another town before settling in
Iasi, but have no clue where. So I can't get any further tracing my
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Jeffrey Barasch

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