Family Roots in Romania #romania

Ben Ring <ben.rng@...>

Good Afternoon,

My wife has hit a dead end in family research. Her great grandfather,
Charles Morris Symonds was born in Romania in approximately 1882 (give
or take) and emigrated >from Romania to the US in approximately 1903,
at least according to the Boston census of 1910. We found him on the
Boston 1910 census and my wife has his burial information, but we have
no record of where in Romania he lived or which port he came in at
(Boston or New York), or if he had relatives in the US already. On the
census, his birthplace is listed as Rumania, but being that we don't
know where in Romania he came from, there's the possibility that he
might've actually been >from present day Moldova.

We know that he probably Anglicized his name >from whatever it was in
Romanian, but my father in law and wife have no idea what it was
before he anglicized it.

We'd be grateful for any guidance or direction that anyone could provide us!

Thanks so much,
Ben Ring

Benjamin A. Ring,

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