AIZIC family from Nicoresti #romania

Yael Cotlick <yael.cotlick@...>


My grandfather, Josif AIZIC, was born in Nicoresti, in 1923. I am looking
for any information regarding:

1) The origins of the surname AIZIC. Could it be a Sephardic Jewish surname?
2) the Jewish community in Nicoresti - I wasn't able to find anything
online. >from the Romanian census of 1930 I found out that there were 52 Jews
living in Nicoresti in 1930, out of which only 38 spoke Yiddish, which I
found odd. Is it possible that there were Sephardic Jews in the community?
3) Anyone with the same surname originally >from Nicoresti. I have no knowledge
of any uncles/aunties or cousins my grandfather had.
4) How do I go about obtaining death records >from Nicoresti? I know that my
grandfather's father, Haim, passed away whilst the family lived there.

Many thanks,
Yael Corlick

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