Re: Czernowitz records #romania

Zev Cohen

Hi Edgar,
Good to hear >from you.
My mother's surname was Wariten or it may have been spelled Veretena
in Czernowitz. I found a man by the name of Mehel Veretena in the 1936
commercial directory that you posted long ago. The names seem very
untypical of Jews at that time and I have not found anything similar
anywhere (except the record of my mother and sister's stay at
Landsberg am Lech DP camp after the war.
Warmest regards,

On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 3:52 AM Edgar Hauster <bconcept@...> wrote:

Hi Zev,

What was your late mother's surname? Keeping of metrical books divided by=
confession ended in Romania in 1929, however all metrical books until WW2 =
and even later are available with the Czernowitz Regional Archives:

Best wishes!

Edgar Hauster

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1. Czernowitz records


Subject: Czernowitz records
From: Zev Cohen <cohen.zev@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2019 09:01:56 -0600
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Shana Tova!

I have been looking at the Metrical Books of the Czernowitz Jewish
community through the Family Search site.

My late mother Rosa was born in Czernowitz on December 31, 1920, but
there is no record of the birth on the relevant pages of birth
records. Could anyone with experience of these records advise me why
this might be? I am certain about the date. Could it be that some
families did not record births for some reason? Are there other
sources for births in Czernowitz during those years? I'm also looking
for marriage and birth records in Czernowitz in the 1930s.

Many thanks.

Zev Cohen



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