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Allan Falk <salfalk@...>

Dear Teri,

According to Margolinsky "J=F8diske d=F8dsfald i Danmark" I
can inform you, that Sally Isak Salomon died October 5th 1882
and is buried on Mosaic Nordre Kirkegaard in MG-1.
His wife Birgitte, born Levy died March 10th 1883 and is buried
in MG-2.

The son could be identical with Bernhard Berendt Salomon, grocer,
who was buried in Mosaic Vestre Kirkegaard November 9th 1922.

As for Pauline there are both a Pauline and a Cerline Pauline,
both unmarried, who died in 1911 and 1910, do you have more
specific information?

Best regards

Allan Falk

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Fra: teri Orourke []
Sendt: 2. november 2002 21:42
Til: Denmark
Emne: [denmark] genealogy

My husband is a descendent of
Sally Isak Salomon and Birgitte nee Levy or maybe Levin.

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