Sally Isak Salomon and Birgitte Levy #scandinavia

teri Orourke <teriorourke@...>

Dear Mr. Falk,

First, let me say how much I enjoy my subscription to the now I have learned a tremendous amount
about genealogy research in Denmark.

Thank you for your information regarding Sally and Birgitte.
Leif Rosenstock had informed me earlier that Sally and Birgitte
had 5 children and that possibly 2 were deceased before the parents
died. There was a "grant" and it was divided up between Pauline,
Emma and Berendt upon the parents death. In the LDS International
Genealogical Index I found a Pauline or Pouline Salomon born to
Sally and Birgitte Dec. 14, 1839 and a Pauline Salomon married
to Isaac I. Levin June 15, 1864, both recorded by the Mosaic
Congregation in Copenhagen. Perhaps that information will help.
I did not find a marriage date for Berendt and I know Emma Salomon
was married to Oscar Georg Gabriel Haas, recorded May 26, 1861,
Mosaic Congregation, Copenhagen.

The only Bernhard Berendt Salomon listed does not coincide with his

I am unable to find a birthdate or the parents of Sally Isak or
Birgitte Levy. Also, I am also unable to confirm that Thekla Gabriel
Haas is the only child of Emma Salomon and Oscar Georg Gabriel Haas.

Again, thank you in advance for any assistance with the names and
dates listed above.

One last question! I found Oscar Georg Haas to be born to Peter
Georg Haas and Henriette Lovise Wengel and christened May 7, 1837 at
Hellgaands Kirke, Copenhagen. How can find out when he was confirmed
or admitted into the Jewish Community in Copenhagen?


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