Cantorpedigree #scandinavia

Leif Rosenstock <leif.rosenstock@...>

I had worked with a Cantorfamily in Denmark and are very near the end,but
there is a gap concerning the descendants to Jacob Abraham Cantor 1791-1852
in Cph. and Birgitte Levin 1799-1848 in Cph. Among their children was
Ludvig Cantor 1824. I have found out,that he had left Copenhagen after about
1855.He was a saddler.I know,that his sister Frederikke /Ricke Cantor died
unmarried 1920 in Cph. She was born 1826. I know very little about the
other siblings Adolph(=Abraham) ,Augusta (= Judithe ) Moritz and Sara born
1843:Only their birth and confirmation.

Leif H. Rosenstock

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