Looking for Descendents of Wulff Joseph Wulff and Family #scandinavia

Melissa Mensah <naatakyiwa@...>


My name is Melissa. My father's name was Frantz Wulff-Tagoe. He
was the descendant of a Danish Jewish Civil Servant named Wulff
Joseph Carl WULFF, who settled in the Danish Colony, the Gold
Coast, West Africa in the mid-1800's.

I was told, he made the choice to remain in Ghana after the Danish
Government refused to promote him because he was Jewish. He went on
to marry a Ghanaian woman, and is buried at the family home in Accra.

I have recenly been able to locate a living, Danish direct descendant
of WJ Wulff and we are interested in learning more about the other
Wulff family still living in Denmark. I understand some of our Danish
relatives have visited the family home in Ghana.

If you have any information you can share with us, we would be very

Thank you
Melissa Kankam

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