Welcome to all the newcomers! #scandinavia

Elsebeth Paikin

I want to welcome all the newcomers to Scandinavia SIG and
I hope you will get help and information through it.
I also hope you will be able to help others.

In order to get the best result I would advise you to write
a about your interests and research:
Names you are researching and what you already know about
them -- and do not forget to indicate the approximate period.

That is the only way others can know about you and your research
and be able to help. And who knows: Maybe you will get in contact
with some distant relatives that you didn't know of!

But remember to write the messages in plain text

Hoping to hear >from you soon

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's

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