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Adam Katzeff <adam.katzeff@...>

Dear David, Simon and all others,

I have been helping a friend of mine (in Sweden) to research his
Lewinsky-family originating in Rajgrod, Poland. A member of that family,
Moses Levinsky, made his way to Denmark and Copenhagen. There he married
Rachel Mielziner >from Aalborg. I have collected some information on there
descendants, which might be of interest to you. I don't know who her parents
were, but I presume it must have been Salomon Mielziner and Emilie Levin.

The following is all the information I have on Rachel and Moses and their
descendants. It's far >from complete, but at least a start. Perhaps it might
be possible to get in touch with any of their descendants. Their grandson
Mogens Adelson is perhaps still living in Copenhagen!

Rachel/Rakel MIELZINER
b. 3 May 1859 in Aalborg
d. 25 April 1921 in Copenhagen
married 13 March 1887 in Copenhagen to
b. 26 March 1844 in Poland (probably Rajgrod)
d. 8 December 1903 in Copenhagen

They had at least three kids:

1. Selly LEVINSKY, b. 6 August 1891 in Copenhagen
2. Benjamin/Benny LEVINSKY, b. 17 August 1893 in Copenhagen, d. 4 May 1970
3. Paula LEVINSKY, b. 13 November 1895 i Copenhagen, d. 25 June 1945

The daughter Paula married 29 March 1925 in Copenhagen to:
Abraham ADELSON/ADELSSON, b. 30 January 1882 in Kristianstad, Sweden,
d. 1 June 1952

They had at least two kids:
*Ruth Henriette ADELSON, b. 5 February 1926 in Copenhagen, d. 24 October
1975 (married STÜHLER)
*Mogens ADELSON, b. 2 March 1929 in Copenhagen

Hope this is of any interest!

Best regards,

Adam Katzeff
Malmoe, Sweden

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