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Gerson Joel Ballin was the son of the merchant Joel Joseph Ballin
who settled in Horsens ca. 1784 after receiving a royal permission
to do so.

I have been researching the Danish branches of the Ballin-family
and found a lot of material I would like to share with Henry Cohen
and others.

Gerson is not listed in the 1787-census of Horsens but his father
and family are:

But Gerson is on the 1801-census of Horsens, and he was no doubt
born there ca. 1800. The census can be found on the Danish Demographic
Database (online searchable databases):

but here is the listing for the familiy in 1801:

Census 1801, Skanderborg County, Horsens Town,
Address: S√łndergade Nordre Side, 118, 82.

(Name, Age, Marital status, Position in the household, Occupation)

Joel Ballin, 48, Married, Head of household, Merchant,
Rosine Levin, 37, Married, His wife
Joseph Ballin, 11, Unmarried, Their children
Ester Ballin, 10, Unmarried, Their children
Sara Ballin, 9, Unmarried, Their children
Lovise Ballin, 9, Unmarried, Their children
Githe Ballin, 7, Unmarried, Their children
Julius Ballin, 5, Unmarried, Their children
Simon Ballin, 4, Unmarried, Their children
Friderica Ballin, 2, Unmarried, Their children
Gerson Ballin, 1, Unmarried, Their children
Bernt Abrahamson, 19, Unmarried, Servant

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My great grandparents were Siegfriedt BALLIN born in Randers
on the 6th November 1841 and Hanna Birgithe (or Birgitte) LUBLIN
born in Sakskobing on the 9th September 1843.

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