Re: Ballin family & Lublin family #scandinavia

Ruth Chernia <rchernia@...>

I don't know if any of you are in Toronto but there was/is a
Danish-Jewish family here called Balin/Ballin. I don't know
the exact spelling because they were friends with my late parents.

I am not in contact with them currently but I do know people who
know them. FYI

Ruth (Ts)Chernia

Steen Felding wrote:

Gerson Joel Ballin was the son of the merchant Joel Joseph Ballin
who settled in Horsens ca. 1784 after receiving a royal permission
to do so.

I have been researching the Danish branches of the Ballin-family
and found a lot of material I would like to share with Henry Cohen
and others.
.... snip ....

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