Researching FRANKEL #scandinavia

SUSAN POPIOL <BornFreeAgain@...>

My great grandmother was named Khase FRANKEL. She was born
approximately 1865 in Minsk, Pinsk or Stolin (at least we think she
was). We know nothing else about her except that she married my great
grandfather, Eliahu Chaim SZWEC (also spelled SCHWETZ or SHVETS) and
bore 3 sons: YISRAEL MOISCHE (my grandfather), DOVID MENDEL and ELYA
CHAIM. I am most interested in any information you might have about the
FRANKEL family of Khase FRANKEL.

I understand that a number of FRANKEL's migrated to Denmark and that a
book was published about the FRANKEL lineage which I am interested in
purchasing. I have been unable to locate who offers this book for sale
and would appreciate any information on how to do so..

Thank you.
Susan Popiol
Edison, NJ

SCHWETZ/SHVETS/SZWEC - Minsk, Pinsk orStolin
FRANKEL/FRENKIEL - Minsk, Pinsk or Stolin
Pinsk or Stolin
MERER - Ruble, David Gorodok

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