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Elsebeth Paikin

At 02:16 28-03-2003 +0000, Randy & Deborah Jergensen wrote:

Can anyone tell me where the Jewish population centers were in
Denmark at the middle to late 19th century?
On the Scandinavia SIG website - Denmark
you can find information about the various Jewish communities

for instance you can see the statistical overview on
although it is not at the middle to late 19th century, it does give a

And on the webpage
you can find the towns in which the Jewish communities had
obtained permission to have their own cemeteries.

The Jewish communities began to fade in the middle of the 19th century
because of assimilation/integration and because the remaining Jews
moved to Copenhagen.

I have been working
on my family history for almost 6 years now and here is what I
have found. My great grandfather immigrated >from Lolland Denmark
in 1894. His name was Jorge Gergen KOK. (He changed it at Ellis
Island). There were KOKs show up in Lolland in 1792. However, in
1792 there was a pogram in Lithuania and a KOOK family immigrated
from Lithuania to Denmark in 1792. I'm trying to see if there is
a relationship.
First of all:
I am not sure the name Jorge Gergen KOK is correct -- as so often is
the case, the name changes according to pronounciation etc. My guess
is that Jorge in Danish would be J=F8rgen and Gergen could be Georg, but
that would not present a problem in English speaking countries, so I
don't think that's it!

You can search censuses online by going to

when interested in Lolland: choose the county Maribo.
And go through the list and see if any of the many KOKs or KOOKs listed
could be "yours".

You can also check the JewishGen SIG Lists Message Archive as there
has already been messages about KOKs/KOOKs in Denmark.
Go to:

where all the messages
from 15. Sep. until 7. Nov. 2002 is found in the Denmark SIG archives
and >from then on till now in the Scandinavia SIG archives.
(so you should choose "Denmark" for the former and "Scandinavia" for
the latter). Of course, you can also seach "All SIGs" ...

Hope this helps.

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's

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