Re: Pampyoli, Vehkalahti Finland #scandinavia

JNB <jnblank@...>

I've heard about the cemetery though I've never visited the place
myself. Actually I understand it's not a separate cemetery - just a few
graves of Russian Jewish soldiers buried in a plot next to the cemetery
of the (Christian) Orthodox community of Hamina. Hamina is the city
nearest to the municipality of Vehkalahti, in S.E. Finland.

I think I once saw an article about this cemetery in the magazine of
the Helsinki Jewish community, "Hakehila", but can't recall the details.

I suggest you try and contact the following :

1) Dan Kantor, the executive secretery of the Jewish community of

2) the tourist office of the city of Hamina (covering also Vehkalahti):

3) The (Christian) Orthodox community of Hamina, who is responsible for
the upkeep of the cemetery. They can be reached at:

Hope this helps.

Joel Blankett
Jerusalem, Israel
(formerly Helsinki, Finland

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