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Elsebeth Paikin

Dear Martha,

Thank you very much for your reply.

At 07:35 04-04-2003 +0200, you wrote:
ELsebeth, don't forget that the time period you are referring to is prior
to the taking of last names. The first place that I have noted the taking
of last names was in the Matrikals of 1820-24 in Bavaria.
In Denmark permanent family names were not a rule for "ordinary people"
until sometime after 1856 - however, even as late as in the 1870'ies
you find examples of children being given paronymics instead of the
"family name". Often children were given both a first name + a
middle name (a patronymic after the old tradition = the father's first
name with the addition of "-sen" for both sons and daughters, because
the ending "-datter" for "daughter" was no longer allowed) + the family

So the name Jette Isachs could indicate the Jette's father's name was
Isachs and that this was not his family name. Isachsdatter sounds a lot
like Isach's daughter to me.
You are correct: ISACHSDATTER is a patronymic and means ISACHSDAUGHTER,
often abbreviated to just ISACHS (the genitive/possessive case).

(To add to the problems:
You can also find the the genitive/possessive case for the surnmae of
a wife -- in this case Birgitte (or Jette) might sometimes have been
called Birgitte/Jette BENDIX').

Isach's father may have been Jonas so that he was known as Isach Jonas and
when last names were taken, he might have opted to keep JONAS as his last name.
You are right (and it did cross my mind after I had sent my e-mail) that
the father could be Isach JONAS. And as "Jette JONAS" is said to have been
born in Hamburg, I'll try to see if I can find a Isach JONAS there.

As for Jette = Brigitte, there are no fast rules for the transformation. I
can see Jette=Gitte=Brigitte transition easily.
Of course, there are no rules for the transformation of names, but
among my some 30,000 persons in my database (preparation for the Family
Tree of the Danish Jews) there does seem to be a concensus that girls
with the name Henriette are called Jette and those with the name Birgitte
are called Gitte. I make a note of it in a special database for Professor
G. L. Esterson's "GIVEN NAMES DATA BASE"-project.
But you are right -- it could be the exception to prove the rule <G>

What I was thinking was that Bendix KOPPEL might have been married
twice!? There are no vital records for before 1810-14, so I cannot find
the mother's name in the birth records nor can I find any marriage
registration of Bendix KOPPEL's 2nd wife or possible death of Birgitte

I received a call yesterday and was informed that in another source it
is stated that Jette JONAS is also called Jette GOLDSCHMIDT, so I now
have another clue to follow.

This is really what makes Jewish genealogy so exciting ...!

Best wishes

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark,

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