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Elsebeth Paikin

Hi Niels,

Thank you for your information. I did have Gerda and Otto in my
database, but it was quite a surprise, that you are also part of
the Kierulff family! Then we are related as I am also a KIERULF
descendant) <G>

(-- For the record:
The Kierulff/Kj=E6rulf family has been traced to ca. 1430
but is not of Jewish origin.)

I have information about
Gerda KOPPEL and her father and father's parents.
Do you have them or shall I send them to you?
Do you have more? In that case I would me most grateful, if you
would send me what info you have

Best regards
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's

At 21:00 06-04-2003 -0400, you wrote:

I have Koppel in my family.....if that is of interest...

Descendants of Otto Schi=F8tz Kierulff
1 Otto Schi=F8tz Kierulff, b: May 16, 1891 in Odense
.. +Gerda Koppel, b: September 19, 1890, d: December 27, 1968

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