Elsebeth Paikin


The number of messages that are not in plain text are increasing
day by day.

Moderators *can* -- by some work-arounds -- "convert" encoded
messages to plain text (but it is a time-consuming job.
As the number of encoded messages increase it becomes impossible
for the moderators to cope and I therefore want to remind you all
of the guidelines for writing message to JewishGen mailing lists
summarized it adds up to:

1. Please remember to send all messages in PLAIN TEXT only
2. Sign your Full Name, city and state or country
3. If you receive the "DIGEST" DO NOT hit the 'reply'-button
because then your reply copies the entire digest!
(and the moderator will have to delete most of it)
INSTEAD: Copy and paste a relevant portion of it in your
e-mail with your response, so that everyone can see to
what message you are replying.
4. CAPITALIZE all SURNAMES (Sometimes it can be difficult to
distinguish between surnames, given names and place names.
Therefore it is important that all surnames are CAPITALIZED.

This is only a short reminder, so I would kindly ask you to

Best regards

Moderator of the Latvia SIG and
Scandinavia SIG mailing lists
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
e-mail: elsebeth@...

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