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Elsebeth Paikin

Last night at the Jewish Genealogical Conference in Washington the topic=20
for the evening was:

JewishGen: A New Era by Susan King, Managing Director, and David Marwell,=20
Director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage 7 pm, with Warren Blatt, Michael=
Tobias, Joanna Fletcher and other staff members discussing new databases=20
and other major JewishGen enhancements and projects.

One of the new databases that were presented was the JewishGen Online=20
Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR), which is now online:

The cemetery inventory can be found on:

Six of the Jewish cemeteries in Denmark has in the database (Aarhus,=20
Assens, Copenhagen Western Cemetery, Nakskov, Odense and Slagelse).

As for the Copenhagen Western Cemetery it is only the beginning and=20
comprise the period 1886-1900 based on
Elias Levin: "J=F8diske gravstene ... p=E5 Mosaisk Vestre begravelsesplads"=
(Jewish tombstones ... on Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery), Vol. 1: 1886-1900.

It is thus a work in progress, and we have started on the next part:
Elias Levin: "J=F8diske gravstene ... p=E5 Mosaisk Vestre begravelsesplads"=
(Jewish tombstones ... on Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery), Volume 2: 1900 - 1915.

After that the next part will be:
Julius Margolinsky: "J=F8diske D=F8dsfald i Danmark 1693-1976" (Jewish=
in Denmark 1693-1976).

The total number of burials in Copenhagen Western Cemetery ill almost 8,000.

Next step will be the Copenhagen Northern Cemetery (aka "M=F8llegade")with=
about 5600 burials.

The rest of the smaller Danish cemeteries (Aalborg, Faaborg, Fredericia,=20
Horsens, Randers) as well as the 299 burials on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands,=
will be digitized in spare time ... if any such will be available! <VBG>

So as you can see there is quite a lot of work to do still!

I send my warmest thanks to the following who helped this first part become=
a reality:

Norman S. Freedman who worked as a volunteer on the project >from the=20
beginning, September 2000 until February 2001.
Diane Weber who worked as a volunteer on the project February-November 2001.
Tracy Zappala who is presently volunteer on the project and who started in=
October 2002 and did the greater part of the part that is now online.

>from November 2001 until October 2002 there were no volunteers, so I tried=
to do it alone together with the other cemeteries, the vital records,=20
moderation etc.

I am very, very grateful to the volunteers for all the help with the work=20
done so far, and I would be grateful, if more volunteers would offer=20
assistance. As you can understand >from the above: There is so much work to=
be done!

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's
--------------------------------------- =20

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