COHEN Family in Altona or Hamburg #scandinavia

Phil Mendel

Does anyone have any information about a COHEN Family
in Hamburg or Altona around the year 1800?

I have a third great-grandmother Roeschen (Rosa) COHEN
but I'm seaching to discover where she was born. She
was born ca. 1785/95, married Isaac Israel FRANKFURTER
ca. 1815. They lived in Rendsburg, Denmark where she
gave birth to two sons 1817 and 1819. Roeschen (Rosa)
COHEN died in Rendsburg on 03 May 1834.

She may have come >from or born in Altona or Hamburg.
Please let me hear >from you if you have any
information on a COHEN Family in Altona or Hamburg in
the last quarter of the 1700's or the first quarter of
the 1800's.

Thank you in advance,

Phil Mendel

suburban Los Angeles, California

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