DELBANCO Family In Denmark And Sweden #scandinavia

richard may

Dear community,

I have learned that my ancester,Juliana HAMBURG,who
married in 1795 in Frankfurt,was earlier called,Jentle
DELBANCO(DEL BANCO). Her father used the names Model
DELBANCO, Markus Simon LEVI DELBANCO, Markus Simon
HAMBURG and Marks HAMBURGER! Her paternal grandfather
was called Simon >from Hamburg,Simon LEVI DELBANCO from
Hamburg and Simle SEGAL!

Jentle DELBANCO's mother's given name was "Edel". Her
maternal grandfather was Fajbes KOHEN MEJTS,the son of
Zalman METZ KATZ zum GRUENEN HUT and later zum

Does anyone who is familiar with Danish or Swedish
research on the DELBANCO family have any information
on these individual DELBANCOs?

Thank you very much for your help!

Richard May <>
Buffalo,New York,U.S.A.

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