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At 07:00 22-01-2004, Cheryl Johnson wrote:
Although we knew that the name must have originated in Copenhagen, only=20
recently have we received information that ties the family to Denmark.
Aron Simon COPENHAGEN b. Copenhagen abt. 1700/1715 d. 7 Aug 1786
Bonn (buried in Bonn-Schwarzrheindof) m. 1744 to Vogel MEHLER, daughter of
R. Juda MEHLER of Kleve, a sofer/scribe and author of the famous book 'Or
ha-Yashar' is related to my husband's g-g-g-g-grandfather Simson (Shimson)
Actually, it is not known where the name Copenhagen originates.
There was a Moses Copenhagen/Kopengagen born before 1700 in Courland!
Whether or not he had any connections with or ever been to Copenhagen is=20

There have been some with the surname KOPENHAGEN in Copenhagen:

1. Gedalia LEVIN
b. ca. 1727 in Poland,
d. 1793 in Copenhagen,
Rabbi in Volhynia until 1778, and 1778-1793 Rabbi in Copenhagen.

|_ his son:
Lazarus was a Rabbi in Kolo, Poland,
|_ his son took the surname KOPENHAGEN
(but it is not known if he lived in Copenhagen!)



Subject* Chaim Levin Kopenhagen
Father* Juda Loebel Levin Goldschmidt ( ? , d. 17 Jan 1770)
Mother* Miriam Breine Levin Halle ( ? , d. 22 Apr 1737)
Child: __ ___ ____ Olk Goldschmidt
Birth* circa __ ___ 1723
Marriage* __ ___ 1757 Sophie Depert (b. 1721, d. 09 Feb 1789)
Daughter: __ ___ 1759 Birgitte (aka Breine) Goldschmidt (20375)
Death* 05 Dec 1811 Copenhagen
Burial* __ ___ ____ Northern Cemetery, Copenhagen, plot: C-10-27.
(Buried under the name Heiman GOLDSCHMIDT!)

3. Judith (aka Gitl) GOLDSCHMIDT,
daughter of Meyer Stadthagen and Breine GOLDSCHMIDT
married F=DCRST
presumably born in Altona or Hamburg, Germany
died ca. 1744 in Copenhagen

That is all I have found till now -- and there are no one buried in Denmark=
under the name of KOPENHAGEN or other similar spellings.

I am sorry, that is all I have - and that is not much help!

The only guess is that Aron Simon was a related to (or brother to?) Chaim=20
Levin Kopenhagen!?

Joseph m. Caroline LOEWE, is my husband's g-g-grandfather. He moved to=20
London in 1860 where he set up a tobacco/cigar importing business called=20

I would be deeply grateful to hear >from anyone who is also seeking this=20
family or who has information about other COP(P)ENHAGEN/KOP(P)ENHAGEN=20
records in Denmark. Information about Jewish interests in the Danish=20
tobacco trade would also be helpful.
I'll see what I can find about the tobacco copmany and the LOEWEs.

I would be grateful if you would keep me posted on your findings, as I=20
would like to find the conection between the KOPENHAGENs, as the name has=20
been puzzling me for a long time.

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's

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