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Hello there

I am not sure if I'm speaking to Elsebeth or Henning or if you are one
and the same or related. Please forgive me if I've got this muddled up.

Thank you for the most interesting information about the Copenhagen
KOPPENHAGENs!You can imagine how appreciate I am to receive your kind
email. Research in your part of the world >from the tip of Africa is
not easy!

Can you please give me the translation to English of Copenhagen?
And of Stadhagen?

As most of my research to date has been in Germany, mostly in the SW Pfalz
region, it is hugely exciting to discover more about the family in Denmark
and Courland. Thanks to your Sig I was made aware of the Courland
'connection', there are several KOPPENHAGENs recorded there but as yet I
cannot link them directly to our family, although I am sure they are

In the German archives the name is spelt both as COPPENHAGEN and
KOPPENHAGEN, and sometimes with a single P. >from the mid 1800's the name is
consistently spelt with a K and two P's, and this is sustained by my
husband's g-g-grandfather, Joseph, who emigrated >from the Pfalz via Paris to
London in 1860. Three of his siblings remained in Paris and our French
cousins spell the name KOPPENHAGUE.

As most German Jews were obliged to change their names in the Napoleonic
decree of 1803, it is interesting to note that the KOPPENHAGENs retained
their name, and that the name goes back to (at least) the 17thC.

The GOLDSCHMIDT link you have sent me is particularly intriguing, as we
know that some of the KOPPENHAGENs were jewellers and master clock-makers
in Germany (and later in Paris), and not just ordinary clocks either,
these clocks had figures beautifully worked in silver/gold set into the
top of the clock. One of these clocks survives (with two silver figures
seated at a table). KOPPENHAGEN was written on the clock face, and I
wonder if anyone has come across such a clock in Denmark?

Other KOPPENHAGENs were Meershausen pipe makers and tobacco/cigar importers.

If the KOPPENHAGENs emigrated to Denmark at the invitation of the Danish king
to engage in mercantile activities, then the KOPPENHAGEN professions would
fit his brief. And it seems likely that they moved to Denmark >from Germany,
and that they were Askenazi and not Sephardi.

You wrote
Subject* Chaim Levin Kopenhagen
Father* Juda Loebel Levin Goldschmidt ( ? , d. 17 Jan 1770)
Mother* Miriam Breine Levin Halle ( ? , d. 22 Apr 1737)
Child: __ ___ ____ Olk Goldschmidt
Birth* circa __ ___ 1723
Marriage* __ ___ 1757 Sophie Depert (b. 1721, d. 09 Feb 1789)
Daughter: __ ___ 1759 Birgitte (aka Breine) Goldschmidt (20375)
Death* 05 Dec 1811 Copenhagen
Burial* __ ___ ____ Northern Cemetery, Copenhagen, plot: C-10-27.
(Buried under the name Heiman GOLDSCHMIDT!)

3. Judith (aka Gitl) GOLDSCHMIDT,
daughter of Meyer Stadthagen and Breine GOLDSCHMIDT
married F√úRST
presumably born in Altona or Hamburg, Germany
died ca. 1744 in Copenhagen
I assume the GOLDSCHMIDT of whom you speak was related to the following
(Judith's father?).

"Among the Jews in Copenhagen were some well-to-do "German" Jews who served,
among other things, as court jewellers. One of them, Meyer Goldschmidt,
applied for, and was granted in 1684, the right to hold religious services
for the community. Though this was limited to the privacy of his own house
and no form of sermon could be preached, the establishment of the Copenhagen
community is always considered to have begun with this event.

For the next fifty years services took place in Goldschmidt's home (his son
took the name Copenhagen). A piece of land for a cemetery was purchased in
1694 and in the following year the Sephardi Jews were also given permission
to hold services. In general, however, the commercial possibilities for
"Portuguese" Jews were few and far between in the Danish capital and it
was the "German" Jews who became dominant."

Why would the family have gone under two names? This puzzles me.

Whilst looking through your Danish website, I found a Frederich Carl Emil
Lange aus COPENHAGEN aged 11, ugift, schuler, logirend (I don't understand
these words, although I assume schuler means scholar) in a section for
Aabenraa, Sonder Rangstrup, Bedsted, Dorfs Bedstedt (villages?) in a
census. There is also a Caroline Hedwig Wilborg auf Fridericia aged 14,
ugift, bruder tochter der haus mutter, Logirend. Somehow I thought she
may be the boy's sister.

As far as you know where there any Jewish KOPPENHAGENs in this region?

I hope I am not being too greedy for information, but I can't help it,
it's much too exciting to resist!

With thanks and very best regards

Cheryl Johnson
South Africa

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