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Elsebeth Paikin

At 10:23 22-02-2004, JOHNSON wrote:
I am not sure if I'm speaking to Elsebeth or Henning or if you are one
and the same or related. Please forgive me if I've got this muddled up.
Sorry, sometimes my e-mail program sends messages >from me with my husband,
Henning's name an address. I haven't found out why/how, and sometimes I
don't notice before it is too late.

Can you please give me the translation to English of Copenhagen?
And of Stadhagen?
Copenhagen is the English name for Koebenhavn/København.
(As Elsinore is the English name for Helsingoer/Helsingør)

Stadthagen is a town in Germany a little west of Hannover.
As far as I know there is no translation.
Often people took on (or were given) the town >from which
they came as surnames - as is the case with Meier STADTHAGEN.

... KOPPENHAGEN was written on the clock face, and I
wonder if anyone has come across such a clock in Denmark?
Not to my knowledge, but perhaps someone else with has...?

I assume the GOLDSCHMIDT of whom you speak was related to the following
(Judith's father?).
GOLDSCHMIDT was too common a name to presume that
- and there is no sources that tell us that they are related!

Why would the family have gone under two names? This puzzles me.
That is a looooong story:
You can read more about names and naming traditions on:
in many books on the topic!

Whilst looking through your Danish website, I found a Frederich Carl
Emil Lange aus COPENHAGEN
"aus Copenhage" just means that he originally came >from (or was born
in) Copenhagen (= Koebenhavn).
His surname is LANGE.

aged 11, ugift,
ugift = unmarried

= pupil (schoolchild)

= lodger

There is also a Caroline Hedwig Wilborg auf Fridericia aged 14,
ugift, bruder tochter der haus mutter, Logirend. Somehow I thought she
may be the boy's sister.
No they are not related at all!
Her surname is WILBORG and she comes >from the town of Fredericia
and is the daughter of the housewife's brother.

As far as you know where there any Jewish KOPPENHAGENs in this region?
I don't know. I sent you what I have on KOPENHAGENs in Denmark as of now.

I hope I am not being too greedy for information, but I can't help it,
it's much too exciting to resist!
Of course, that is precisely what this list is for.
And if you don't ask, you don't learn or get answers.

Besides, someone asked for a "Danish language course"
--- it has just started <VBG>

Best regards
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's

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