Scandinavia Odyssey - What happened to my grandfather in WW II? #scandinavia

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I had written to this group about a year ago before requesting help on
finding out what happened to my grandfather in WWII. Thanks to assistance
from this group, I succeeded in finding out more. Now I am writing again
with this new information to ask for further advice.

We were able to piece together >from the Danish and Swedish Archives the
following odyssey on my grandfather, Carl LONDON's flight >from Germany and
quest for asylum in the Scandinavian countries:

On Kristalnacht, November 9, 1938, Carl LONDON was told to report to the
Hamburg police, but he delayed going for four days. When he finally went to
the police, he was told to leave the country immediately or he would be sent
to a concentration camp. He applied for a visa to enter Sweden at the
Swedish consulate in Hamburg on February 10, 1939. He left Germany on
February 18, 1939 for Denmark and stayed at the Hotel Hebron in Copenhagen
awaiting the Swedish visa. The application was refused on February 27, 1939,
so Carl reapplied for a Swedish visa >from Copenhagen on March 4, 1939. On
June 20, 1939, his application for Swedish asylum was again refused.

Sometime between June and August 1939, Carl arrived in Gutenberg, Sweden.
from there he traveled to Norway and arrived in Oslo on August 20, 1939. He
stayed at the Mission Hotel in Oslo and applied for a Norwegian visa, which
was also refused. On September 7, 1939, he traveled >from Oslo aboard the SS
Frederickshavn under a German passport valid until March 9, 1940. But there
was no Danish Visa entry stamp, so Carl was not allowed to stay in Denmark.
He was sent back to Oslo aboard the SS Frederickshavn >from Larsen's Place
in Copenhagen on October 9, 1939. This is where the story ends.

According to friends of my mother, Carl finally made it to Sweden, where
he died of a heart attack during WWII. According to the Swedish and Danish
archives, he never did get a visa to Sweden or Denmark.

Where do I go >from here to find out where my grandfather finally settled and
when, where and how he died?

Cary Aufseeser
Newton, MA

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