Looking for Jacob KASKEL jr. #scandinavia

Jan Bousse <janbousse@...>

Dear Friends,

I have recently subscribed to this SIG, I am a member of various other
groups and therefore familiar with the proceedings.

I want to request your help in understanding the details of the family trees
that are annexed to the "Forgotten Fragments of the History of the Fraenkel
Family". I have a copy of the sheets concerning the Nathan Spanier's
descendants. The name I am especially interested in is "Jac. Dresden (=
Kaskel)". Can you help me get on the right track to request that help? The
details of this book have been given via this group, since the Fraenkel
family went to live in Denmark. I hope therefore that there are some experts
on this matter in the Scandinavian group. I have quite a bit of data on the
Kaskel family in Dresden, this Jacob jr. I suspect is the son of Jacob
KASKEL, the banker in Dresden in the 18th century. What I need is more
information on when and where he died; his activities in London, where he is
listed as a member of a masonic lodge in 1787, and so on.

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium

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