Important: Lost SIG members #scandinavia

Elsebeth Paikin

* Please read and save the new subscription change instructions below! *

Our hosts at JewishGen are installing a new system which will identify
all JewishGen users by assigning all users a JewishGen Identification
Number (JGID).

This new system will have many advantages to us all including automatic
update of contact information in all JewishGen data bases when a change
is reported only one time to the JGID system.

The new system requires every SIG subscriber to get a JGID number.

All SIG subscribers have received two E-mails >from JewishGen informing
them of this new requirement and explaining how to easily get a JGID number
at no cost.

(The JGID number is the same as the JGFF Researcher Code that most us have
had for ages.)

Now, after announcing the JGID requirement JewishGen has begun to remove
SIG subscribers who do not have JGID numbers or JGFF Researcher Code

If someone you know stops receiving SIG mail it is probably because that
person did not comply with the new requirement.

Such people can resubscribe to the mailing lists after obtaining a free
JGID number at the JewishGen website.

Best regards

Moderator of the Latvia SIG and
Scandinavia SIG mailing lists
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
e-mail: elsebeth@...

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