Rosi LEVIN, née SAMULON in Copenhagen, Denmark #scandinavia

Adam Katzeff <adam.katzeff@...>

Dear all,

I'm searching for information and/or relatives of a woman named Rosi LEVIN,
née SAMULON. According to information I have gotten >from the book "Jödiske
Dödsfald i Danmark 1693-1917" and burial records in Copenhagen she was born
in Berlin on 5th of April 1885 and died in Tårnby (a suburb of Copenhagen)
on 12th of September 1945.

Rosi LEVIN was divorced and the last years of her life she lived together
with my great grandfather, Samuel KATZEFF (1875-1946), who had become a
widower in 1937. People in my family (including my father) remember her, but
noone really knows anything about her. Therefore I'm writing to you to see
if someone knows anything about her. Maybe there are even relatives of her
in Denmark or elsewhere in the world? One of the things I would like to know
is who she had been married to and if she had any children. Does anyone

Best regards,

Adam Katzeff,
Malmoe, Sweden

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