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Elsebeth Paikin

At 00:29 24-08-2004, Adam Katzeff wrote:
I'm searching for information and/or relatives of a woman named
I believe Rosi LEVIN is identical with the one found in
"Stamtavle over Levin Wulff (Franck)s Efterkommere"
by kaptajn Hector Boeck (1941-43)
from where the following information is:
Rosa Sara Basch SAMULON
b. 05 Apr 1885 in Berlin, Germany (as you also noted)
married 01 Mar 1939 in Berlin to

The ancestor report of Ivan Levin is as follows:

Ahnentafel of Ivan Levin

--- 1st Generation ---

1. Ivan LEVIN married Alexandra Flora K=D8HLER. He was =93slagtermester=94=
(butcher). He was born on 4 Jul 1880 Faaborg, Svendborg. He married (1)=20
Alexandra Flora KOEHLER (1877-1934) with whom he had four children. He=20
married (2) Rosa Sara Basch SAMULON (1885-1945) on 1 Mar 1939 Berlin,=

[I don=92t know if there were any children in that marriage =96 but=
not considering her age when she married LEVIN. You can write and ask=20
Mosaisk Troessamfund in Copenhagen).

--- 2nd Generation ---

2. Ludvig LEVIN married Adele PHILIP. He died in Faaborg (date unknown,=20
but before 9 Apr 1919). He was =93slagtermester=94 in Faaborg. He was born=
1 Feb 1842 Koege.

3. Adele PHILIP married Ludvig LEVIN, son of Wulff LEVIN and Birgitte=20
JACOBSEN. Her married name was LEVIN. She died as a widow. She was born=
on 24 Aug 1841 Hamburg, Germany. She died on 9 Apr 1919 Faaborg,=20
Svendborg, at age 77.

--- 3rd Generation ---

4. Wulff LEVIN was officer and tradsman/merchant in Koege. He was born in=
Mar 1808 Ringsted (or 1807 in Naestved!?). He married Birgitte JACOBSEN in=
1833. He was buried in 1841 Copenhagen. He appeared on the census of 1845=
Vestergade, soender side, Koege. He lived in 1845 Vestergade 60, Koege.

5. Birgitte JACOBSEN. Her married name was LEVIN. She was born on 28 Apr=
1802 Koege. She married Wulff LEVIN, son of Levin Wulff FRANCK and Hendel=
JACOBSEN, in 1833. She appeared on the census of 1870 Noerregade 167,=20
Naestved. She died on 4 Mar 1876 at age 73. She was buried plot J-9-1,=20
Mosaisk Nordre Begravelsesplads, Copenhagen.

--- 4th Generation ---

8. Levin Wulff FRANCK was tradesman/merchant in Naestved. He came around=
1800 >from Altona, Germanu. He was a butcher in Naestved. He was also known=
as Levin Abraham WULFF and Levin WULFF. He was born in 1781 Bamberg,=20
Oberfranken, Germany. He married Hendel JACOBSEN, daughter of Jacob=20
ABRAHAM and Ester WOLFF, in 1807 Ringsted. He was naturalized between 1810=
and 1811. He appeared on the census of 1834 Katteburgstraede 52, Naestved,=
Praestoe. He died on 12 Aug 1841 Naestved. He was buried plot G-2-18,=20
Mosaisk Nordre Begravelsesplads, Copenhagen.

9. Hendel (or Johanne or Ellen) JACOBSEN. Her married name was WULFF or=20
FRANCK. She was also known as JACOB, JACOBS or ABRAHAM. She was born in=
1790. She married Levin Wulff FRANCK in 1807 Ringsted. She died on 25 Sep=
1846 Naestved. She was buried plot G-11-9, Mosaisk Nordre=20
Begravelsesplads, Copenhagen.

--- 5th Generation ---

18. Jacob ABRAHAM was born circa 1746 Berlin, Germany. He lived after=20
1754 in Denmark. He appeared on the census of 1801. He was merchant in=20
Ringsted. He died on 12 Aug 1803. He was buried plot X-1-47-33, Mosaisk=20
Nordre Begravelsesplads, Copenhagen.

19. Ester WOLFF was also known as Esther WULF. She was born circa 1748=20
Rendsburg, Germany. Her married name was ABRAHAM. She married Jacob=20
ABRAHAM circa 1767. She died after Apr 1790.


If anyone has additional information about any of these I would be grateful=
if you would let me know.

Best regards

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