Yizkor Book Project Report for May 2005 #scandinavia

Joyce Field

We are pleased to report that seven new entries=20
and 11 updates have been added to the Yizkor Book=20
Project translations page at=20

New entries:

-Akmene, Lithuania: Pinkas HaKehillot Lita
-Alsedziai, Lithuania: Pinkas HaKehillot Lita
-Janow Podlaski, Pinkas HaKehillot Poland, volume 7
-Lomazy, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot Poland, volume 7
-Poreba Koceby: Pinkas HaKehillot Poland, volume 6
-Poreba Srednia : Pinkas HaKehillot Poland, volume 6
-Turek, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot Poland, volume 1


-Brest, Belarus: Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora, volume 2
-Chelm, Poland
-Czestochowa, Poland:=20
-Czestochowa, Poland:=20
-Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland
-Dynow, Poland
-Holocaust in Belarus
-Maramures Region: Kretsnif: Craciunesti (Kar=E0csonfalva, Kretsnif), Romani=
-Novogrudok, Belarus
-Pochayev, Ukraine
-Staszow, Poland

If you cannot find an online translation of a=20
yizkor book that you are interested in, check the=20
database at=20
http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/database.html to=20
see if there is a yizkor book for that town. If=20
there is, consider becoming the coordinator for=20
the yizkor book translation. Nothing gets done=20
without the efforts of volunteers who want to=20
memorialize their ancestral towns.

Joyce Field

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