Re: scandinavia digest: October 10, 2005 #scandinavia

Robert Zavos <rzavos@...>

This is a paid service but seems reasonable to me for what you get. You may
have to guess on names and/or go systematically go through the alphabet or
birth year, etc. You can do much of the searching to identify possibilities
without paying.

Robert Zavos
searching Zawoznik >from Raczki, Suwalkii
(Savosnick in Norway/Sweden)
Pittsburgh PA USA

Original message:
From: "Michael Cramer" <>
Question: how would I go about finding Swedish records (birth/census, =
etc.) of these people.=A0 I assume that there weren't very many Jews in =
Malmo around 1880.=A0 In addition, does the Jewish community of Malmo =
have any records >from this period that would help me (i.e. synagogue =

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