Danish Granddaughter of Rabbi Prof. Philipp Heidenheim #scandinavia

Dr. Juergen Nitsche <JuNitsche@...>

Within the planned commemorative publication about the
Rabbi and teacher Professor Phillip HEIDENHEIM (1814-1906)
in Sondershausen (Thuringia) I am writing an article about his family.
The rabbi was married with Karolina LESER (1812-1897).
I am looking for information about the familie of a granddaughter:

Frieda HEIDEHEIM was the oldest dauther of Gustav HEIDENHEIM and Rosalie
OPPENHEIM, both lived in Chemnitz. She was born on June, 24 1884 in Chemnitz.
In April 1909 she married the danish protestant Hother Lothar NECKELMANN,
born July, 8 1882 in Kolding (Denmark).
In 1915 they marriage was divorced. They hade two children:
Hans Frederik and Inger Birgit, both were born in Denmark, 1909 and 1911.

I am looking for information about the life of Frieda NECKELMANN and her
childeren after 1925.
Since 1935 Birgit NECKELMANN is married with Holger HELMS.
Hans NECKELMANN lived later in Kenya.

The book will be published in June, 2006.
Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards

Juergen Nitsche, Chemnitz, Germany -

HEIDENHEIM - Bleicherode, Sondershausen, Chemnitz, Cologne, Wiesbaden,
NECKELMANN - Kolding, Copenhagen (Denmark), Chemnitz, Kenya
HELMS - Alsgarde (Denmark)

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